Australian Wheel Clamp
insurance approved

fits all size wheels
without adjusting anything

10 year
Australian manufacturer guarantee

why did we design the unique Australian made wheel clamp

Because in August 2005 when we started to design this new unique wheel clamp to include our patented locking system Padlock Protection most wheel clamps sold world wide were and still are today January 24, 2022 no more than a visual deterrent.

There is nothing wrong with a cheap visual deterrent wheel clamp if your caravan, camper trailer, boat trailer or any other towable vehicle replacement value is under $4,000.

What if your towable vehicle's replacement value is between $10,000 to $90,000 or more you need more than a visual deterrent wheel clamp.

we designed two security options

briefly the difference is

Both Enforcer Wheel Clamp and Supreme Wheel Clamp are exactly the same except for the lock.

Enforcer Wheel Clamp

Includes a high security padlock, details on Enforcer Wheel Clamp.

Supreme Wheel Clamp

Includes Padlock Protection patented locking system.

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Australian Wheel Clamp fits all size wheels

No matter the make, model or year of the vehicle you want to protect:

The Australian made wheel clamp fits all size wheels from the smallest wheel on a jet ski trailer or pop top caravan up to the largest wheel on a 4wd off road camper trailer and all size wheels between without adjusting anything.


Australian made shield made from 2mm thick 304 stainless steel, it has:

shield standing in front of the vehicle's wheelshield standing in front of a vehicle's wheel, made from 2mm thick 304 stainless steelmade from 2mm thick 304 stainless steel


The supplied length of bolt cutter proof 10mm diameter high tensile chain is placed through the steel shield's two bottom holes, under then over the top of the leaf springs or tubular frame ( most caravan chassis ) through the two top holes then locks at the front.

high tensile chain wraps around the leaf springs and through the holes in the stainless steel shieldhigh tensile chain wrapped around the leaf springs and through the holes in the stainless steel shield then locked at the frontthen locks at the front
Supreme Wheel ClampSupreme Wheel Clamp stops all methods thieves use to cut chain or break a padlock how, Padlock Protection locking systemsecurity rating
Ultimate Protection

If your towable vehicle has coil springs and / or a piston suspension a similar fitting method is used.

Kimberley Kamper wheelback of Kimberley Kamper wheel showing how the high tensile chain wraps around the chassis and wheelhigh tensile chain wraps around chassis and wheel

we have thought of every possibility
to stop your towable vehicle being stolen

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included with each wheel clamp

Enforcer Wheel Clamp

Supreme Wheel Clamp

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Before we sold the first Australian Wheel Clamp in March 2007 we, the manufacturer, spent a lot of time thinking about the question:

how long should we guarantee each wheel clamp


Imported wheel clamps have no manufacturer warranty.

If you buy an imported wheel clamp the only warranty you get is the six month minimum Australian government mandatory warranty for all products imported into Australia unless otherwise stated.

We know of only one, Klamp It Wheel Clamp the importer - retailer recently changed from the minimum 6 months to a 12 month warranty.

back to our question

We knew for a fact the Australian Wheel Clamp will last a life time eg. 25, 50 or 75 years no doubt longer due to the superior materials used to manufacture them and no moving parts but we also knew we had to be realistic.

We believe a 10 year guarantee gives purchasers 100% confidence they are buying a high quality security product from a 100% Australian owned business.

we are proud to say

since our first sale in March 2007

until today January 24, 2022

we have never had a

warranty claim

not many companies can state the above fact

buy today
January 24, 2022

the Australian manufacturer
will guarantee it until

January 24, 2032

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Australian Wheel Clamp manufacturer direct special offer

The only decision you have to make is, choose which of the two security options you want to purchase.

January 24, 2022

pay wholesale

free delivery
Australia only

by the Australian manufacturer for

10 years

January 31, 2022

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where to purchase Australian Wheel Clamp

The Australian Wheel Clamp is manufactured in Kelmscott WA.

Buy direct from us, we post all orders free of charge from our factory in Kelmscott West Australia no matter where you live in Australia.

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ultimate security combination

Australian Wheel Clamp

thieves stealing your vehicle


Install the Australian made Caravan Safe Docking Station in your caravan, camper trailer or motor home, slide in and lock the Caravan Safe to protect your valuables while you are on holiday.

Caravan Safe open showing its docking station and 4 removable insert boxesCaravan Safe open showing its docking station and 4 removable insert boxes

then when you come home

Remove the Caravan Safe from its Docking Station in your caravan, camper trailer or motor home, take the Caravan Safe inside your house or apartment, slide it into the installed Docking Station, lock it.

Now its a home safe to secure cash, credit cards, jewellery, insurance documents, your will, backed up computer data or any small valuables that will fit.

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